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Finally a Lazer Zone in Raanana - Kfar Saba

What is Lazer Zone?

Lazer Zone is a laser tag game where participants fight to score the most points in a dark maze of 450 meters square on several floors, for a group of at least 6 people.
This laser game technology is 100% exclusive to Lazer Zone and enables extremely accurate shots.

Who can play?

There isn't really a minimum age to play and have fun at Lazer Zone. Although the game takes place in the dark and requires a bit of physical activity.
So don't be afraid of the dark and your height must be at least 1m20. A group of 6 people is required at least.

The rules

When you're hit by a laser, the equipements are disabled for 5 seconds in order to hide yourself from the enemies.

It is strictly forbidden to physically harm your opponent, we're not doing MMA ;)
If two opponents are face to face and can touch each other's gun, the two players turn around and leave in the opposite direction (without shooting him in the back of course!)

It is forbidden to use your enemy's arm.

Once a player hits an opponent, the shooter must not follow him to shoot him once again. The same goes for the player that has been hit.

We are fair-play, we must not hide our respective targets.

This includes not using a part of your body, nor the gun, nor (worst!) an opponent !


The goal is to score the most points, obviously. Here are the details of the points :

Raptor (most used) :

Hit an opponent : +100 points
Got hit by an opponent : -50 points
Hit a teammate : -50 points

Impact (most realistic) :

Hit the biggest targets (back and chest) : + 100 points
Hit the shoulders : +200 points
Hit the gun : +300 points
Got hit by an opponent : -50 points
Hit a teammate : -50 points

There are other ways of scoring points, ask directly our assistants and we will be glad to help you.

Our equipments

Each player is invited to wear our special equipment and to carry its laser gun in his both hands. The game beings !

Each game of Lazer Zone lasts for 20 minutes on average.

We advise you to take an extra t-shirt in case you planned on going out after playing because you will sweat for sure!

Invite your friends !

Click here for the invite card.


Everyone is welcome to play at Lazer Zone, this is why we have multiple offers for different occasions.


Game with friends

•Classic game, 60 shekels per person.
• Each game lasts 20 minutes.


Birthday CLASSIC

• 1 Lazer Zone game for the group
• 1 drink per person
• 1 pop-corn per person
• Table and chairs are made available
Price : 75 shekels per person / minimum of 10 people


Birthday ANAK

• 2 Lazer Zone games for the group
• 1 snack buffet (pop-corn , drinks, chips , candies, ...)
• 1 hot dog or pizza slice per person
• A birthday cake according to the group
• A custom invite card for the group
Price: 140 shekels per person / minimum of 10 people


School - Rec centre

• 60 shekels for a game
• 100 shekels two games
Free attendant !



• 1 Lazer Zone game
• Pastries
• Fruit juice
• Coffee
• Privatized area for 15 people
Duration : 1h30
Price : 70 shekels (before tax) per person
Minimum of 10 people



• 2 Lazer Zone games
• Sweet and salty buffet
• Hot and cold beverages
• Privatized area
Price : 160 shekels (before tax) per person
Minimum of 10 people


Do not wait any longer, reach us to book a game!
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Lazer Zone

Tsomet Raanana
Derekh Hasharon 12
Kfar Saba - Raanana

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